Twenty years of sustainable tourism development for destinations worldwide

Twenty years of sustainable tourism development for destinations worldwide

Helping tourism businesses innovate and stimulate the visitor economy

Helping tourism businesses innovate and stimulate the visitor economy

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  1. Clifton Suspension Bridge Balloon Festival
    Our reputation in the field of tourism statistics and measuring the economic impact of tourism is unparalleled. We are experts in the development of systems of tourism statistics, compilation of tourism satellite accounts and natural capital accounting, as well as measuring the local economic impact of tourism. Our ATOM forecasting model and T-Stats tourism tracking system are two products we have developed and installed in destinations across the globe.
  2. Scuba diver in the Caribbean
    We plan and develop tourism products and experiences that are financially and environmentally sustainable. Acorn’s in-depth understanding of niche visitor markets ensures we can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors by creating innovative market-led experiences. We can provide options appraisals, feasibility studies, business planning and capacity building to support your product development process.
  3. Butcher's window
    In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, it is essential to have a strong brand and a marketing campaign that clearly promotes your values and resonates with your target audience. Acorn builds destination brands and content marketing strategies. We deliver digital marketing campaigns, build national tourism websites and create inspiring content. Working with travel influencers we can do social media takeovers. We can also monitor your brand awareness and the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns.
  4. Aerial beach umbrellas
    We can help you work out where you want to go and how to get there. Acorn uses a well-defined strategic planning process to establish how you can become a more competitive and sustainable destination or tourism business. Our approach is collaborative, engaging widely with your stakeholders, creating a joint vision and co-developing an Action Plan that can be implemented with the available financial resources and workforce.
  5. Woman leaning out of train window
    We offer expert qualitative and quantitative tourism market research, including face-to-face and online surveys, focus groups, bulletin boards, and business and stakeholder consultations. We maintain and update vast databases of research that include niche market and destination profiles, inbound and outbound tourist flows, and industry trends. This allows us to commentate, predict and forecast with insight, intelligence and confidence.
  6. Couple of high rock in Norway
    T-Stats is our online tourism tracking system for destinations. We understand that every destination is different, so T-Stats is tailor-made to allow you to track whatever is important, from accommodation occupancy, through to visits to attractions, footfall, attendance at events and even the weather. Bringing all this together into one easy-to-use database provides information for assessing the effectiveness of marketing activities, attracting investors, assisting funding applications or simply getting to know your destination better.
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    Jordan, GIZ




    Acorn worked with GOPA on this Tourism Digital Transformation and Product Development and Innovation project for GIZ, which aimed to assist micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) through support to Jordan's sector support organisations. …

  2. Address

    Mongolia, Netherlands Enterprise Agency



    Netherlands Enterprise Agency,

    This study assessed the system of tourism statistics in Mongolia and used existing data to estimate the economic impact of tourism in the country’s economy.

  3. Address

    Jordan, Jordan Inbound Tour Operator Association, USAID



    Jordan Inbound Tour Operator Association, USAID,

    Research for the Jordan Inbound Tour Operator Association to better understand its importance to the overall tourism sector, and its value to the Jordanian economy in terms of visitor numbers, expenditure, direct value added and employment. The…

  4. Address

    Manchester, Manchester Airports Group



    Manchester Airports Group,

    An extensive market research report was required by Manchester Airports Group on the tourism sector in Bulgaria with a focus on Sofia.

  5. Address

    Fiji, South Pacific Tourism Organisation



    South Pacific Tourism Organisation,

    21-month study looking in detail at the systems of tourism statistics in 15 P-ACP Pacific countries, making recommendations and implementing improvements, developing a regional online tourism statistics database for the Pacific, and training.

  6. Address

    Worldwide, CBI, The Netherlands Enterprise Centre



    CBI, The Netherlands Enterprise Centre,

    A detailed study into Religious Tourism and the European market of believer and non-believer consumers was required to support SMEs to prepare suitable tourism products for the market.

  7. Address

    Worldwide, CBI, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency



    CBI, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency,

    A detailed report about the FIT (Fully Independent Traveller) market segment was required to support SME’s to prepare their tourism product for the European market.

  8. Address

    Worldwide, CBI, the Netherlands Enterprise Centre



    CBI, the Netherlands Enterprise Centre,

    A detailed report about the Generation Y market segment was required to support SME’s to prepare their tourism product for the European market.

  9. Address

    City of London, United Kingdom, City of London Corporation



    City of London Corporation,

    Assessment of the impact of the Culture Mile Pop-Up Art programme through observations and interviews with 200 persons showing a level of interest in the installations. Also included interviews with local businesses seeking the views of owners…

  10. Address

    South Africa, Statistics South Africa



    Statistics South Africa,

    Study to design and develop a national domestic tourism survey that included the data collection instrument, sample size and selection, and implementation of a pilot survey to assess its viability before the full launch as an annual and ongoing…

  11. Address

    East Sussex, United Kingdom, Hastings Borough Council



    Hastings Borough Council,

    This study set out the vision for St Leonards Gardens in terms of accessibility, enjoyment and understanding of the park by its varied audiences. The plan was successfully used to bid for Heritage Lottery Funding for improving the gardens.

  12. Address

    Barcelona, Spain, Private Company



    Private Company,

    We shared our nautical tourism business and blue economy marketing expertise with the developers of an innovative underwater activity attraction and beach club, where divers and their families can enjoy and celebrate the underwater world.

  13. Address

    Kent, United Kingdom, Kent County Council



    Kent County Council,

    Review of the tourism information centre network in Kent with the aim of making individual centres more profitable. The study also looked at how new technology could be more effective for collecting and distributing tourism information.

  14. Address

    Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council



    Tunbridge Wells Borough Council,

    The 3-year Business Plan needed to address restructuring and funding constraints, while supporting local businesses, providing high quality service and increasing income. Relocation, proactive marketing, developing staff sales skills were key…

  15. Address

    Worldwide, Mintel




    Specialist niche market report that examines the market for Gap Year travel covering market influences, profile and segmentation, which tour operators support the market, and what the outlook for the industry looks like.

  16. Address

    Botswana, Department of Tourism, UNWTO, UNDP



    Department of Tourism, UNWTO, UNDP,

    The project was aimed at assisting the Research and Statistics Unit in the Department of Tourism through intensive training and capacity building, in particular focussing on their tasks of processing and reporting on visitor arrivals, accommodation…

  17. Address

    Kent, United Kingdom, Canterbury City Council



    Canterbury City Council,

    Reculver Country Park needed a Masterplan to rejuvenate the once thriving destination. Our market led approach clearly identified the need to provide for green tourism and move away for the traditional static caravan market.

  18. Address

    St. Helena, Enterprise St. Helena



    Enterprise St. Helena,

    Review of the marketing activities and action plans for the marketing and promotion of the Island of St. Helena. An assessment of their effectiveness was made through an online survey of UK long haul travellers and interviews with tour operators.

  19. Address

    Kenya, Kenya Tourism Federation



    Kenya Tourism Federation,

    The Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF) commissioned this study to estimate the value of tourism in Kenya, and through value chain analysis determine its competitiveness, the challenges It faced, and to make recommendations to accelerate growth and…

  20. Address

    Devon, United Kingdom, English Riviera Business Improvement District



    English Riviera Business Improvement District,

    The English Riviera BID Company Ltd oversees the delivery of a five year business plan, which focuses on driving up year-round footfall and occupancy in the Torbay area. In 2018 they contracted Acorn T-Stats to implement our online tourism…

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Featured Projects


  1. Colombia tourist routes community based ecotourism
    We worked with three very different rural communities, all with exceptional biodiversity and all of which had been severely affected by the conflict in Colombia. Together with E3 Group in Colombia and RHS Kew Gardens, we developed tourist routes that promote forest protection and peacebuilding through community-based ecotourism.
    1. 1 Oct 201931 Oct 2020
    2. 1 Jan 202031 Dec 2020
    3. 1 Jan 202131 Dec 2021
  2. Responding to COVID-19: Impact on Tourism in Jordan
    Developed a model for projecting visitor arrivals and expenditure to Jordan, the Middle East and worldwide over the period to 2030. Scenarios for the development of the pandemic were then applied to identify impacts on visitor arrivals, expenditure, gross direct tourism value added, and employment.
    1. 1 Mar 20201 Jun 2020
    2. 1 Jan 202031 Dec 2020
    3. 1 Jan 202131 Dec 2021
  3. Bristol Market Research Clifton Suspension Bridge
    Bristol Future Parks was part of a two-year national Future Parks Accelerator scheme to enable Bristol City Council to transform their green spaces and become financially sustainable. Assessments of 10 pilot parks and best practice case studies informed a strategic roadmap for the way forward.
    1. 1 Apr 202031 Aug 2020
    2. 1 Jan 202031 Dec 2020
    3. 1 Jan 202131 Dec 2021
  4. Lincoln Cathedral, UK
    Study to provide Visit Lincoln and two surrounding local authorities with an in depth understanding of the profile of visitors, focusing in particular on demographics, lifestyle and interests. Also included the investigation into seasonality impacts through deployment of an accommodation survey.
    1. 1 Mar 20141 Sep 2014
    2. 1 Jan 202031 Dec 2020
    3. 1 Jan 202131 Dec 2021
  5. Great Ethiopian Run in Addis Ababa used Influencers to raise awareness as part of their international
    Acorn worked with the Great Ethiopian Run, Africa's biggest road race, to produce a 3-year digital marketing strategy to increase international participation. This involved 4 high-profile travel influencers participating in the race and generating a reach of 1.25 million and 8% engagement.
    1. 1 Feb 20191 Apr 2020
    2. 1 Jan 202031 Dec 2020
    3. 1 Jan 202131 Dec 2021
  6. Roseau, Dominica
    Study contracted by Discover Dominica Authority to develop a sustainable voluntourism strategy for the country with the overall aim of increasing visitor numbers and expenditure. This included practical guidelines for the private sector on how to develop this niche segment.
    1. 1 Mar 20191 Jun 2019
    2. 1 Jan 202031 Dec 2020
    3. 1 Jan 202131 Dec 2021

"Acorn Tourism has produced multiple tourism research projects for the CBI including tourism sector Value Chain Analysis and niche market studies for SMEs in developing countries.  They are a very solid research partner and always deliver to great satisfaction."

Arthur Scheinhardt
Programme Manager Marketing Intelligence, CBI, Netherlands Enterprise Agency
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Sustainable tourism - Leave No Trace

Sustainability is the key to a positive future for tourism

Embedding sustainable practices into all aspects of a tourism business has become more common these days.  It is widely understood that sustainability is key to minimise the negative impacts (such as over tourism, exploitation of children and wild animals, inauthentic tourism activities and poorly paid seasonal jobs) and maximise the positive impacts (such as promoting cultural heritage, job creation for economic independence, protection of wildlife species and habitats, job creation, community-led tourism).

A digital world

Digital Transformation in the Tourism Sector

Digitalisation has transformed the way companies do business.  In the tourism industry, purchasing flights online and booking hotel rooms on the Internet marked the early days of digital transformation in the sector.  

Caribbean island, blue tourism

Three unique challenges to sustainable tourism in islands

Blue tourism is a term used to describe Coastal and Maritime tourism. The sector has become an increasing source of income for destinations with attractive coastlines thanks to the development of multiple tourism activities such as cruise tourism, boating, watersports, scuba diving, marine life observation, fishing and recreational use of beaches. However, these activities often put a lot of pressure on local ecosystems and tend to damage the destinations’ environmental assets, which, very often are what visitors are attracted to in the destination. Sustainable development of these blue tourism destinations is therefore becoming critical to avoid altering their natural resources to a point of no return. 

Resident Visitor Survey for destination sustainable development.

The one stakeholder NOT to forget…!

Sustainable tourism encompasses much more than solely protecting the environment in the destination, even though that is essential of course. A sustainable destination must be one that cares for its wildlife and landscapes, but also one that cares for its inhabitants! When thinking about tourism, one often thinks about visitors and the private tourism sector within the destination. But sometimes we forget the most important stakeholder: the local community, which is not always directly linked to the tourism sector.

Digital Nomad and Bleisure

Millennials and Gen Z Poised to Spearhead a Rise in Bleisure Travel after COVID-19

Before COVID-19, the ‘bleisure’ travel trend, defined as a mix of business and leisure travel, was taking off, driven by the Millennials (or Gen Y), a large, important travelling group.  Already keen travellers, Millennials are well known to be keen on experiential travel that offers an authentic insight into a destination, immersing themselves into new cultures and local lives. 

Street food cart

How Food Tourism is a Driver for Authentic Tourism Experiences

As food plays a central part in the lives of all people on the planet and local specialities are widely appreciated as an intrinsic feature of many cultures, it is now well understood that local cuisines play an important role in offering the visitor an authentic insight into the culture of a place.

Sustainable Wildlife Tourism

Sustainable Wildlife Tourism - Top Tips for creating unique trips

As local tour operators around the world eagerly anticipate being able to welcome tourists to visit their wildlife attractions once more, preparing their travel products for a ‘changed world’ provides multiple opportunities to add value and meet the needs of an increasingly discerning tourist. 

World Tourism Set Back 25 Years

World Tourism Set Back 25 Years

World tourist arrivals will grow by 65% to 666.6 million, up from 403.5 million in 2020 – that’s roughly the same number of tourists that travelled in 2000. 



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