Presenting data in engaging and useful ways

Presenting data in engaging and useful ways

You don’t have to go far on the Internet or in printed media to find uninspiring presentation of tourism statistics – you’ve only to look here at New York City (USA) stats for a classic example…a mass of numbers and little else – so much potential but so little delivery.

At the other extreme we have this example from Leeds (UK): I think we’d all agree it’s creative, it’s fun and it tells a story, but on the down side it’s static and as such will soon be outdated, it looks to have taken time and money to produce, and most importantly at the end of looking through it we thought…wow this is great but what year do all these numbers relate to? And are they better or worse than the previous year?!

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At Acorn T-Stats we are faced with the challenge of taking a load of (let’s be honest here – boring) numbers and finding new and engaging ways of displaying them.

As a starting point we took the (time based) New York City statistics and dropped them into our ‘T-Stats Tracker’ engine. This gives you a simple interface in which you can build pivot tables and charts from any data allowing you to spot trends, correlations and build a story of the destination. Have a play here:

Just select some measures from the tree on the left and click the ‘Go’ button to fill the table and chart, you can then drag and drop the table elements, change the chart type and export.

We also plugged some of the non-time based numbers into to generate some ‘infographics’ which we’ve posted up here

How do you think DMOs could do more to get their data out there in interesting ways? Have you found any useful presentation tools on the Internet? If you had the time what would you do to show your numbers off to their best?

Let your imaginations flow and let’s see where we go.