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  • Which sustainability certification should tourism businesses choose?

    Which sustainability certification should tourism businesses choose?

    Read time: 3 mins

    Tourism businesses are facing increasing pressures to conduct their activity in a sustainable way to reduce their impact on the planet and contribution to climate change or biodiversity loss. A sustainability certification for tourism businesses can help provide structure and guidance with clearly defined steps to take to achieve these sustainability goals.

  • Sustainable destination management, where should you start?

    Sustainable destination management, where should you start?

    Read time: 1 min

    Sustainable destination management is as much a necessity as it is challenging. A destination is a very complex ecosystems composed of multiple stakeholders that can sometimes have competing interests. Organisation, cooperation, collaboration, consideration of all stakeholders and effective systems for measuring and monitoring are essential. Sustainable destination management is not a target to achieve, it is a journey and ever evolving. A destination can never truly be sustainable, but some are getting pretty close! 

  • How to become a sustainable destination?

    How to become a sustainable destination?

    Read time: 2 mins

    Managing a destination sustainably is not an easy task, and there are various threats and challenges that destinations are increasingly facing.  And carbon offsetting and planting trees will, unfortunately, not be enough.  From threats linked to climate change and increasing GHG atmospheric concentrations to challenges related to the wellbeing of the population and visitors, the management of waste, energy, water but also culture and heritage, and the engagement of local businesses, it can sometimes be challenging to identify the next steps a destination should take.

  • What is the Green Destinations Top 100 Stories?

    What is the Green Destinations Top 100 Stories?

    Read time: 2 mins

    The Green Destinations Top 100 Stories is an annual competition launched in 2014 to help destinations at different stages of their journey towards sustainable and regenerative tourism. The Top 100 is an effective tool for every destination, whether they are looking to learn more about reporting and communicating sustainability, wanting to establish themselves as an industry leader by sharing an innovative project implemented, or looking for an achievable yet ambitious first step to learn more about destination sustainability guidelines.

  • Caribbean island, blue tourism

    Three unique challenges to sustainable tourism in islands

    Read time: 3 mins

    Blue tourism is a term used to describe Coastal and Maritime tourism. The sector has become an increasing source of income for destinations with attractive coastlines thanks to the development of multiple tourism activities such as cruise tourism, boating, watersports, scuba diving, marine life observation, fishing and recreational use of beaches. However, these activities often put a lot of pressure on local ecosystems and tend to damage the destinations’ environmental assets, which, very often are what visitors are attracted to in the destination. Sustainable development of these blue tourism destinations is therefore becoming critical to avoid altering their natural resources to a point of no return.