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  • How to use marketing to tackle sustainability issues?

    How to use marketing to tackle sustainability issues?

    Read time: 3 mins

    Tourism often plays an important role in a destination’s economic development, bringing in visitors to spend money in local businesses, inward investment to develop infrastructure and providing jobs for residents. However, managing a destination sustainably is not an easy task. Tourism, if not planned and managed appropriately can become destructive – over tourism, degradation of the environment, loss of culture, disruption of local community’s lives, seasonality, etc.

  • How to become a sustainable destination?

    How to become a sustainable destination?

    Read time: 2 mins

    Managing a destination sustainably is not an easy task, and there are various threats and challenges that destinations are increasingly facing.  And carbon offsetting and planting trees will, unfortunately, not be enough.  From threats linked to climate change and increasing GHG atmospheric concentrations to challenges related to the wellbeing of the population and visitors, the management of waste, energy, water but also culture and heritage, and the engagement of local businesses, it can sometimes be challenging to identify the next steps a destination should take.

  • Sustainable tourism - Leave No Trace

    Sustainability is the key to a positive future for tourism

    Read time: 1 min

    Embedding sustainable practices into all aspects of a tourism business has become more common these days.  It is widely understood that sustainability is key to minimise the negative impacts (such as over tourism, exploitation of children and wild animals, inauthentic tourism activities and poorly paid seasonal jobs) and maximise the positive impacts (such as promoting cultural heritage, job creation for economic independence, protection of wildlife species and habitats, job creation, community-led tourism).

  • A digital world

    Digital Transformation in the Tourism Sector

    Read time: 1 min

    Digitalisation has transformed the way companies do business.  In the tourism industry, purchasing flights online and booking hotel rooms on the Internet marked the early days of digital transformation in the sector.  

  • Street food cart

    How Food Tourism is a Driver for Authentic Tourism Experiences

    Read time: 1 min

    As food plays a central part in the lives of all people on the planet and local specialities are widely appreciated as an intrinsic feature of many cultures, it is now well understood that local cuisines play an important role in offering the visitor an authentic insight into the culture of a place.