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  • Big and small data infographic

    Making sense of big and small data for destinations

    Read time: 5 mins

    More and more we are hearing that big data has all the answers that destinations are looking for when trying to understand what visitors are doing, where they are going, how much they are spending and so on.  This sounds enticing and useful.  But is it?

  • Overtourism

    Using Data to Avoid Overtourism: Creating Smarter Destinations

    Read time: 2 mins

    Pre-pandemic, the term overtourism was being increasingly used as popular destinations struggled to cope with demand.  It was seldom spoken about in 2021 when focus shifted to encouraging visitors out of their homes to travel freely again, and breathing life back into economies and businesses. 

  • Tourism Recovery – How Far Have We Come?

    Tourism Recovery – How Far Have We Come?

    Read time: 1 min

    Tourism is very clearly in the recovery phase following COVID-19, but to really understand the level of this recovery, and at what point visitor numbers, spend, footfall (whatever is important in your destination) surpass where they were before the pandemic, regular tracking is required.

  • World Tourism Set Back 25 Years

    World Tourism Set Back 25 Years

    Read time: 1 min

    World tourist arrivals will grow by 65% to 666.6 million, up from 403.5 million in 2020 – that’s roughly the same number of tourists that travelled in 2000.