Measurements used in T-Stats


I have been looking at what some of our clients are doing with T-Stats, and decided to bring together the different statistics being collected and analysed on T-Stats systems. Below is a list. If you are using T-Stats and aren’t collecting or analysing some of these, maybe you should? Drop us a line…

Measurement Data Examples
Accommodation Utilisation Room Occupancy
Bed Occupancy Rate
Length of Stay
Average Guests/Room
Average Room Rate
Attractions Visitor Numbers
Tourism Information Centres Footfall
Website Downloads (of brochures)
Google Analytics (Unique Visitors, Page Views, Visits by Country, Facebook Followers, etc)
Weather Average Maximum Temperature
Average Minimum Temperature
Sunshine Hours
Rainfall (mm)
Volume and Value STEAM data
Cambridge Model data
Car Parks Number of Cars
Events Attendance
Foreign Exchange Rates US$, Euro, Yen, etc
High Street/Shopping Centres Footfall
Airport Passenger Arrivals (by origin)
Rail Passenger Arrivals (by ticket type)
Bus Passes Sold
Cruise/Ferry Passenger Arrivals
DMO Partners/Members Number
Unemployment Number
Property Prices Average House Price and Rental Price
Surveys Visitor Surveys
Business Barometers