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India Outbound - Why invest in India?

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Crisis, what crisis? Funding our destinations

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How Ethiopia’s first Traveling Spoon Food Host got started

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Crusader and Acorn: 21 Years of Tourism Development

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Measuring tourism you can manage!

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10 facts about Wine Tourism to help develop your wine business

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What is the impact of Airbnb in your destination?

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Just what is 'Tourism Intelligence'?

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Tourism Fact Extracts

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St Helena: New airport, new challenges

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Why technology is challenging the way we measure tourism in Africa

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Kiribati: Big fish, nice people…

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Can Cruising Shape Overnight Tourism?

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Grading Accommodation in the Falkland Islands

20/11/2013 Read more

The Secret to Successful Data Collection…in Denmark

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Putting on a Show for Cruise Visitors in Tonga

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Visiting friends and relatives in Samoa

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Challenges in collecting good data

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Cruise tourism…how good (or bad) is it?

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The (basic) problem with measuring tourism…

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Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

09/06/2013 Read more

Tracking Falkland Islands Tourism

22/05/2013 Read more

Indirect Impacts of Tourism

21/05/2013 Read more

The Problem of accommodation occupancy data

08/05/2013 Read more

T-Stats for the Middle East

21/02/2013 Read more

Presenting data in engaging and useful ways

03/01/2013 Read more

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words

03/01/2013 Read more

Tourism Statistics are Boring!

13/12/2012 Read more

Measurements used in T-Stats

09/12/2012 Read more

THE JOY OF (TOURISM) STATS – by Kevin Millington

04/12/2012 Read more

Tuvalu – The Least Visited Paradise!

10/07/2005 Read more