Your website is the face of your business, and a powerful tool to connect with your customers, present your products and services and grow your business.

A great website can make or break your business. It is increasingly becoming essential for customers to find out about your business. However, it is vital that your website is clear, responsive and attractive. Here are a few eye-opening statistics about websites:

  • Individuals will wait on average 2 seconds for a website page to load, any more than that and you take a risk that they leave.
  • 38% of users will stop engaging with a website if they find the layout or visual content unattractive
  • 88% of online consumers are not likely to return to a website after a bad experience (not responsive pages, slow loading, not mobile friendly, etc.)
  • 39% of users will stop engaging with a website is the images don’t load or take too long to load.

Most importantly, 75% of consumers have admitted judging a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design.

Our ebook “Developing a digital marketing strategy – website management” outlines:

  • Good reasons for developing your own website and the benefits to grow your business,
  • 5 steps to develop a website strategy,
  • Tips to improve your website and get more bookings,
  • 4 website builders you may use to build your website quickly and efficiently,
  • What you need to know about website health monitoring,
  • What you need to know about website analytics and statistics.

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