Blog (July 2022) - Acorn Tourism

  • Bellhurst  Trust Carbon offsetting East Sussex

    Acorn Supports Carbon Offsetting and Local Biodiversity Projects

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    As part of our journey towards carbon neutrality to help compensate our emissions we already support a flight offsetting charity called Atmosfair.   Our donations provide efficient cooking stoves in Lesotho which save 80% of energy, produce less smoke and avoids deforestation reducing the need for firewood.  We chose this charity in Lesotho as we have worked there and work regularly in sub-Saharan Africa. 

  • Sustainability Competitions

    Which global competitions would suit your business or initiative?

    Read time: 2 min

    Alongside sustainability certification, there has been a growing number of competitions arising throughout the travel industry around sustainable development and growth. Some of these competitions help to promote businesses and initiatives, whilst others provide funding and support to help organisations prosper and grow in a sustainable and regenerative manner.

  • Can email newsletter help you grow your business?

    Can email newsletter help you grow your business?

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    It is good business practice to keep in regular contact with contacts on your database and email newsletters, which are easy and cheap to produce, are the best way of doing this.  Broadly, email newsletters are the first step towards generating a sale at some point in the future.