What is an email newsletter?

A newsletter is a periodically sent email that informs your audience of the latest news, tips, or updates relating to your products or services.

How can you set up a newsletter?

You must collect customers’ personal information (name and email address) to set up your newsletter. You must ensure that you are doing so following relevant laws and policies (GDPR). Most importantly, customers must be given the opportunity to confirm whether they wish to receive regular updates from your business. You may find out more about setting up a GDPS-compliant newsletter in this article.

How can a newsletter help grow your business?

It is good business practice to keep in regular contact with contacts on your database and email newsletters, which are easy and cheap to produce, are the best way of doing this.  Broadly, email newsletters are the first step towards generating a sale at some point in the future. They can help to promote and control your brand and showcase your business, driving traffic to your website and improve SEO. They contribute to build a greater knowledge of your business amongst your customers, can help share key information, message, or events from your business (new product or service launch, special event, etc.) and improve brand awareness.

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