Blog (January 2022) - Acorn Tourism

  • How to become a sustainable destination?

    How to become a sustainable destination?

    Read time: 2 mins

    Managing a destination sustainably is not an easy task, and there are various threats and challenges that destinations are increasingly facing.  And carbon offsetting and planting trees will, unfortunately, not be enough.  From threats linked to climate change and increasing GHG atmospheric concentrations to challenges related to the wellbeing of the population and visitors, the management of waste, energy, water but also culture and heritage, and the engagement of local businesses, it can sometimes be challenging to identify the next steps a destination should take.

  • 20 years later… what has changed?

    20 years later… what has changed?

    Read time: 3 mins

    On the 10th of January 2002, Alison Burgh and Kevin Millington created Acorn Tourism Consulting Ltd. In 20 years, the tourism industry has evolved dramatically, our work has significantly changed, but the people that we have met along the way have remained as inspiring and resilient!