Indian Outbound Travel

Welcome India's well-travelled middle class to your destination, attract the type of tourists who will love your tourism product.

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Why Invest in India?

India is travelling

“Prepare for the impending boom in outbound travel from India” Skift

India is the world’s fastest-growing outbound market and the number of international tourists India generates is second only to China. Currently, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia are favourite destinations although Indian tourists spend most money in the USA, UK and Italy. The destinations they are travelling to and type of experiences they look for is expanding.

India is growing

“The India outbound market is already huge and doesn’t show any signs of slowing its growth. It’s about time the global travel industry started paying attention if companies hope to capture a share of the market.” Meghan Carty, Skift

By 2020 India is predicted to have 30 million outbound travellers and its vibrant middle class, who already consists of more than 40 million households, is growing fast.

Indian Millennials love Experiences

India’s young travellers are strongly influenced by social media and are looking for adventures and experiences as well as visiting iconic cultural sites. They are easy to communicate with, being more familiar with English than many Chinese tourists, and are receptive to western culture and tourism media. Digital is a targeted and cost-effective way to reach this diverse market.

Why we can help…

If you are looking to attract Indian visitors to your destination and business, our integrated marketing services can help you identify and reach the Indian travellers that will be most interested in your brand. 

Acorn’s UK-based team will look after your account, while our Indian based partner, Blogilicious, will create and distribute inspiring and targeted content using their network of more than 3,000 travel influencers and the unique travel content search platform that is viewed by 250,000 active Millennial Indian travellers each month. 

You will be looked after by an experienced team: the directors of Acorn and Blogilicious have worked together for over a decade developing and marketing products in India and across the globe.

India’s vast population with its diverse culture, language and religion means that communicating with a particular segment needs to be customized to achieve maximum impact. Standard marketing techniques fail when talking to such a large and diverse demographic. Our integrated marketing services respond to each segment separately with creative and effective concepts. 

Your business will benefit from Acorn’s 21 years of tourism sector market research, business and destination planning and promotion, combined with the in-depth knowledge of the Indian travel sector and the unique content and influencer distribution network that Blogilicious has created.

Together we can help you to create compelling content to tell your brand story in a way that will engage and excite high spending Indian travellers. 

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How we can help...

Influencer Marketing

An already engaged audience is half the work done for a brand. What better than using our network of hundreds of top travel and lifestyle influencers from India to sell your story. Through our strong partnerships with influencers, we can ensure that your content reaches the right audience. We help curate the content, choose the right influencers, negotiate best deals and set deliverables for maximum ROI.

Content Marketing

When the audience is getting bombarded with information, we help your brand stand out through informative and innovative videos, articles and podcasts that provide timely information and inspiration to the travellers considering their next getaway. We ensure that the messaging is authentic and make good storytelling the foundation of our content marketing.

FAM Trips

Our integrated marketing strategies include planning and executing bespoke FAM trips for Indian influencers and journalists so that they can spread the word about your destination or brand. At the same time, we can also help you visit India and meet key travel influencers and enablers to better understand the dynamics of this complex market.

Digital Marketing

We help drive brand awareness and create long-term leads through digital marketing. Our expertise with social media channels, native advertising, search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO), will help your website and channels generate India specific engagement.


A website is the first step to creating a digital identity. We help brands create a digital address that is uniquely suited to inform and inspire Indian travellers. We also offer post development maintenance and SEO. We use popular and secure platforms that make design and updating easy and customised.

Public Relations

We can help you reach English and vernacular publications in all the most important travel markets in India. Having established and nurtured strong relationships with senior print, digital and tv journalists, we can help your brand or destination reach the right audience through mainstream media channels.

Alison Burgh Alison Burgh Co-Founder Acorn, UK-based

Tourism development and marketing expert with 25 years’ experience of market research, product development, branding and marketing expertise.

Japa Ghosh Japa Ghosh CEO Blogilicious, India-based

Marketing professional with 18 years of digital and traditional marketing experience with leading consumer and travel brands.

Muneera Ghosh Muneera Ghosh Director Influencer Outreach & Engagement

Hospitality marketing and sales professional with extensive contacts with influencers from across the globe.