Acorn's Green Policy

The Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS) is the leading green tourism certification scheme in the UK. Businesses opting to join are assessed by a qualified assessor against a rigorous set of criteria, covering energy and water efficiency, waste management, biodiversity and more. If businesses meet the required standard they are awarded Bronze, Silver or Gold based on their level of achievement. Acorn Tourism Consulting Ltd have just been awarded the Silver award demonstrating our increasing commitment to sustainable working practices.

We are Sustainable

Heating is generated onsite through a Solid Biomass automated 45kW Arimax Boiler using woodchips as fuel sourced from the on-site woodland management and chipped at the Centre. This has cut down on our heating bills and is considered Carbon Neutral and energy efficient as the boiler serves several premises. Our office building is constructed from sustainable, local sweet chestnut timber and clad in Douglas Fir.

We Reduce Energy Consumption

Our EPC is A rated showing the building is very energy efficient.  The office is fully insulated with sheep wool. Most of our lightbulbs are LED and Kitchen appliances A* energy rated. Our energy supplier is Good Energy one of the original green energy suppliers – 100% renewable electricity.

We are Environmentally Friendly

Aware of our natural surroundings and use eco-friendly cleaning products which are phosphate free.

We are in a Dark Skies area.  No outdoor lighting to pollute the woodland area. Low CO2 emissions.

We donate to a carbon offsetting scheme through

which supports a solar home system in rural Lesotho cutting down on hazardous paraffin lamps based on fossil fuels and therefore CO2 emissions.

We Support Local Businesses

Food and drink are bought from the local farmshop – this includes Fairtrade tea and coffee and local milk and sandwiches and soups for lunch.

Suppliers are local - printers, stationers, cleaners.

We support the local primary school and donate to their fundraising schemes.

We Reduce Waste

We recycle all paper, plastic, cardboard and glass.   Batteries are recycled.

Printer cartridges are recycled.  Printing is black and white only on 2 sides.  FSC printer paper and EU Ecolabel certified. The toilet has a dual flush to reduce water consumption. Notices up in the office as reminders to turn off taps and lights.

We Encourage Nature

Being situated around 20 hectares of mixed broadleaves/conifer and coppice woodland and so are surrounded by nature.

Acorn is committed to all aspects of sustainability as well as environmental, social responsibility and equal opportunity.

Acorn's Carbon Offsetting Policy

Acorn Tourism Consulting Ltd takes its our responsibilities to the environment, local communities, customers, partners and employees very seriously and constantly review our policies and strive to make improvements where we can.  Our aim is to combine innovative ideas and realistic solutions, with the principles of sustainable tourism.   We are committed to showing how sustainable tourism can stimulate economic growth whilst conserving and supporting social, cultural and environmental factors.  We have worked on community-based tourism development in the UK and in Belize, Ethiopia, Guyana amongst others and set up an environmental assessment accommodation scheme in The Falklands Islands.

Acorn provides tourism development consultancy services around the world and recognises that some of our services and operations can have an effect on the environment.

We have made the decision to offset our air travel to support grass roots carbon offsetting projects in the countries in which we operate.  Acorn has worked on several projects in Lesotho and are committed to giving back to this country by donating to a carbon offsetting scheme which operates there.

The project is a solar home system for local and rural households throughout Lesotho.  The local benefits include the avoidance of smoke and fire hazards compared to traditionally used paraffin lamps and candles which are based on fossil fuels and emit CO2 and Carbon monoxide,  avoidance of respiratory diseases, creation of jobs, secure energy supply lamps can be used during evening hours, know-how and technology transfer, the battery can be used also for charging mobile phones and other electric devices.  The CO2 reduction is approximately 2000t CO2/year.

Acorn have made the commitment to donate monthly to the charity Atmosfair which supports the distribution of Solar Home systems.  By subscribing to this scheme in Lesotho we are trying to migrate the impact of our flights.