Themed Attraction Market Feasibility Study

A market and feasibility assessment for a large visitor attraction in Swansea, Wales, which would also include a gravity downhill luge, large restaurant, zip-line and mountain bike park.

The Brief

Skyline Luge is a New Zealand owned company developing and operating downhill luge visitor attractions in several destinations, including South Korea and Canada, as well as New Zealand.  They were looking to expand into the UK market so required a market and feasibility study to assess demand for the attraction if it was developed on a hill on the outskirts of Swansea, in South Wales.

Our Solution

The study was undertaken in five distinct phases as follows:

1. Site and Locality Assessment - a detailed assessment of the surrounding area to establish:

  • Population and demographics
  • Attractions (including visitor numbers and pricing)
  • Accommodation and conference facilities
  • Transport and access

2. UK Attractions and Leisure Trends - detailed analysis of the UK visitor attractions market, including current trends, who visits what type of attractions, what they spend and what is driving demand.

3. Demand Assessment – focusing on attractions within a 50-mile radius of the Swansea site, to assess specific trends in demand in this locality.

4. Primary Consumer Research - undertake a survey conducting interviews with residents living within an 80-mile radius of Swansea to assess their receptiveness to the scheme and level of interest.

5. Visitor Projections - develop a model to predict visitor numbers to the Skyline Luge site over the first 10 years.


The study provided the client with very clear recommendations on the number of visitors that could be expected over a 10-year period and their corresponding expenditure.  It also advised on the attractions that should be included within the overall site, and average expenditure per visitor on each one.