Tourism Information Centre Visitor Survey

Design and implementation of a survey to measure and understand visitor behaviour at the City of London Visitor Information Centre and in the wider London area.

The Brief

The City of London Corporation operates one of only two visitor information centres in London, with the principal objective of serving visitors to the City borough.  However, it also has a wider impact on visitor behaviour in other areas of London and across the UK.


The City of London requires an annual assessment of visitors using the information centre to better understand their trip behaviour, motivations, impressions, levels of satisfaction, and expenditure.

Our Solution

We commenced the project by discussing and agreeing the research objectives with the client.  This process was essential to ensure effective questionnaire construction to deliver the required findings.

A survey execution plan was drawn up clearly identifying sample size, sampling procedures, and full consideration of other difficulties that might be faced including the interviewing of non-English speaking visitors.  Whilst the survey was to be interviewer-completed, self-completion questionnaire in other languages were developed for non-English speaking visitors.

The survey was undertaken over the high-season summer months to capture visitor behaviour during the period with the highest number of domestic and international visitors.


The findings were written up into a report principally using charts to interpret the findings.  Results from previous surveys were included to show year-on-year changes. Infographics were developed to provide a summary of all survey findings on a single page.

Acorn has been undertaking the survey on an annual basis for five years, enabling continuity of the methodology and analysis, and thereby providing the Client with findings that can be compared with previous years.

Some of the key strategic decisions the City of London have been able to make from the findings of the survey are:

  • The return investment from visitor expenditure in the City
  • Effectiveness of information provision
  • Impact the Information Centre has on visitor behaviour and expenditure on other areas of London
  • Staffing requirements and skills required to effectively serve visitors.