Tourism Industry Strategic Plan for Zanzibar

Development of a strategic plan for the development of tourism in Zanzibar that would assist it to overcome three critical barriers: the supply of goods (in particular foods), training and education, and improvement in services and utilities.

The Brief

Acorn was commissioned to identify how the growth of tourism in Zanzibar was being constrained and what steps were required to address these issues in order to develop the industry moving forward.

Our Solution

Following extensive consultation with ZATI members, the major constraints were grouped into three distinct categories of Supply of Goods; Training and Education; and Infrastructure, Services and Utilities.  Each category was extensively researched to assess:

  • Supply of goods: to assess the amount of imported vs locally sourced goods and to redress the balance in favour of locally sourced items; outline opportunities to increase support to local providers in the fields of supply, finance and infrastructure.
  • Training and Education: addressing the negative perceptions towards tourism by local populations was identified as a key constraint.  Addressing this through education and economic benefits was indicated as key and a number of solutions included training courses, work-placements and private sector-funded training.  The provision of English-language training aimed at the hospitality sector was also highlighted as an important solution.
  • Infrastructure, Services and Utilities: an assessment of services such as water supply, electricity and the state of the airport revealed some major constraining factors.  Conservation of Stone Town was identified as essential to the long-term appeal of the destination.



The report identified a number of priority actions that were segmented into private-led initiatives, public-led initiatives and private-public led initiatives.  The importance of the public-private sector was highlighted as significant to Zanzibar’s longer-term growth, and a PPP Code of Conduct presented with a 7-Point Pledge to be agreed by all members.