Guyana Digital Marketing Services

Acorn Tourism developed Guyana’s national destination Branding and Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing Strategy in 2014, as part of the Inter-American Development Bank funded Support for Competitiveness Programme. In 2017 Acorn produced Guyana's award winning national marketing videos and in 2018 the Guyana Tourism Authority commissioned Acorn to implement the Digital Marketing Strategy for one year.

The Brief

Guyana, with a population of only 750,000 people of which 90% live on the coast, has one of only four pristine rainforests left in the world. Tourists can enjoy a lively coastal Caribbean vibe combined with a wilderness Amazonian experience staying in community-owned ecolodges. In 2014 Guyana was virtually unknown as a tourist destination and Acorn was commissioned by the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce to develop a fresh, new brand identity and marketing strategy for Guyana. 

Our Solution

To establish the existing level of awareness of Guyana and identify the most valuable market segments to target, Acorn led an international team to undertake focus groups, online panel surveys and tour operator consultations in the source markets of North America, Europe, the Caribbean and Brazil. 

In Guyana, stakeholder engagement workshops and consultations in the capital Georgetown and with the indigenous tribes and local lodge owners in the interior informed the development of the Guyana brand identity. 

A Branding Working Group, representing a breadth of stakeholders, was established to steer the branding process and to be Ambassadors for the brand implementation. 

Robust analysis of market demand, priority market segments, product development potential and stakeholder aspirations, informed the vision, marketing goals and objectives of the Marketing, Branding and Promotional Strategy.


The Branding and Marketing Strategy was approved by Cabinet and the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG). The new brand designs were implemented by both the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) and THAG and subsequent Ministers of Tourism used the Marketing Strategy and Action Plan as their roadmap for tourism development. 

In 2017, the GTA commissioned Acorn to produce 7 marketing videos to promote Guyana’s adventure, wildlife, nature, culture and indigenous ecotourism offer. We have since edited an additional 30 short clips for use on social media and digital campaigns. 

In 2018, Acorn was contracted by the GTA on an annual contract to implement the Digital Marketing Strategy. We provided integrated digital marketing activities creating content: designing, writing and launching the new Destination Guyana website and Blog, generating and syndicating content, managing the official Discover Guyana  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels and the content marketing and PPC campaigns. During 2018-19 we have developed Guyana’s distinctive brand voice and created high levels of engagement that surpass most of Guyana’s regional competitors.