Guides for SMEs entering the European Tourism Market

A series of comprehensive studies was required to support SME’s in developing countries to prepare their tourism product for the European market with the overarching aim of stimulating sustainable economic development in the tourism sector.

The Brief

Acorn was commissioned by the CBI, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, to conduct a series of Market Entry Studies that featured a series of learning goals: Buyer Requirements; Tips for Finding European Buyers; Tips for Doing Business with European Buyers and Tips for Organising Tourism Exports to Europe. 

Our Solution

Each report was extensively researched consulting a number of reliable sources worldwide to produce this set of useful guides that local operators in developing countries could refer to when seeking to develop new business within the tourism sector.  The studies highlighted numerous requirements and identified several important issues that local operators should be mindful of when establishing tourism products aimed at the European market.  


Examples of issues the research revealed included:


  1. European travellers are increasingly motivated by tourism experiences that are sustainable and they seek to actively protect the environment and provide measurable benefits to local destinations. 
  2. European tour operators look for suppliers who are professional and reliable, and having a Code of Conduct has become an essential element of business practice.  Codes of conduct typically cover health and safety, business ethics and corporate social responsibility to ensure suppliers work to minimise effects on the environment and have firm policies around working with children, animals and the environment.  



Four comprehensive studies were produced and are freely available online via the CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs market information website.  Each report can be viewed and/or downloaded via the following links:


What are the requirements for tourism services in the European Market?

10 tips for finding buyers on the European Tourism market

10 tips for doing business with European Tourism buyers

10 tips for organising your tourism services export to Europe