Market Reports Connecting Tourism SMEs to European Markets

CBI Netherlands Market Research Tourism SMEs Developing Countries to European Markets

The Brief

Acorn was commissioned to write a series of reports to support SME's in developing countries export their tourism product onto the European Market.

Our Solution

One of the main constraints for SMEs from developing countries seeking to export to Europe is a lack of good quality market information.  Tourism is identified as offering high potential for export to Europe and Acorn undertook/is undertaking extensive primary and secondary research to provide detailed market research reports that include the following:

  • Market Entry Studies with a broad focus: Tips for Finding European Buyers; Tips for Doing Business with European Buyers; Requirements for European Buyers; and Tips for Organising Exports to Europe.
  • Market Entry Studies for Promising Niche Products: Adventure Tourism; Nature and Ecotourism; Scientific, Academic, Educational and Volunteer Tourism (SAVE); Cruise Tourism; and Sun and Beach Tourism.

Market Entry Studies for Promising Niche Market Segments: Fully Independent Travellers (FIT); Generation Y/Millennials; LGBT Tourists; MultiGenerational Tourists; and Diaspora/VFR Tourists.


Each report was constructed to provide insights and a series of practical tips for the target group on how to launch their products onto the European market and gain a competitive edge.  Topics included:

  • Legal and non-legal mandatory and additional requirements such as the European Travel Package Directive, GDPR compliance, and liability insurance 
  • Additional requirements such as sustainable certification for tourism with comprehensive details of programmes currently on the market; minimising risk; setting prices.
  • Requirements for niche markets that covered topics such as establishing standards through a Code of Conduct; building a website; maximising online presence through social media; 
  • Identifying the key sales channels; analysing the competition; pricing