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Recent case studies

Saudi Arabia Country Report

Middle East
Market research

A report on Saudi Arabia which examines how major infrastructure projects will benefit the tourism industry, covers the country's performance by comparison with its Middle Eastern neighbours and looks at what the future holds for religious tourism, the key industry segment.

Italy Market Report

Market research

Report on tourism to Italy covering the main tourist attractions, how tourism contributes to the economy, major source markets, where tourists stay and what forms of transport they use, analysis of latest trends and tourism into the future.

Jordan Visitor Survey

Middle East
Market research

Acorn designed the questionnaire for a new comprehensive exit survey for international visitors to Jordan. The key role was to bring together the Ministry of Tourism, Central Statistics Office and Jordan Tourist Board to ensure cross-organisation agreement.

London City Information Centre Visitor Survey

City of London
Market research Strategic planning

Acorn was contracted by the City of London in 2014, 2015 and 2016 to undertake face-to-face interviews with visitors to the centre. The aims of the survey were to understand what services visitors require and to measure how staff are performing.

Tourism Data Review and Capacity Building in the South Pacific

East Asia Pacific
Market research

30-month study looking in detail at the systems of tourism statistics in 15 P-ACP Pacific countries, making recommendations for improvements, development of an online tourism statistics database for the Pacific, and training.

Tourism Market Intelligence System

Market research Tourism statistics Strategic planning Branding & Marketing

Research, design and implementation of a tourism market research system for the nine OECS member states in the Caribbean. The online tourism resource was aimed at helping the countries to compete more effectively within the American and European markets.

“Acorn Tourism provided us with a true insight into the perception of Aruba and valuable data from which we can build our brand. The service was efficient, timely and the final report presented in a very useable format. I would certainly recommend them and happily use Acorn again”

Joanna Walding

Country Manager UK & Ireland, Aruba Tourism Authority

"Acorn were able to respond quickly to our request for a visitor survey and the collection of other tourism statistics to enable us to better understand the performance of the visitor economy. Subsequently, this has helped with strategic planning and marketing in the area.”

Emma Tatlow

CEO, Visit Lincoln

"Acorn’s in-depth research into niche market demand for cultural tourism, wildlife and birding provided excellent recommendations on how to develop products and market services to European consumers. Their work has been invaluable for Mongolian tour operators and local community projects.”