Driving Holidays in Africa

Acorn's report identifies the leading destinations in Africa for driving holidays, outlines the practicalities and identifies the driving tourist.

The Brief

A driving holiday in Africa is often regarded as a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and Acorn was commissioned to conduct comprehensive research into the market for the market research leader, Mintel.  The research was intended to profile tourism on the African continent and identify the leading destinations for driving holidays, outline the practicalities and identify the driving tourist.  

Our Solution

Acorn undertook extensive market research to produce this report, drawing on a wide range of sources to define the different types of driving holiday that could be enjoyed on the African continent.  A history of travel on the continent was explored along with the use of the terms ‘self-drive safari’ and ‘overlanding’, both used widely to describe the concept of driving holidays in Africa.  Many African countries were profiled for their suitability and attractiveness as driving destinations, along with associated activities and accommodation options for independent travel by vehicle.  The rental market in Africa was analysed, providing an estimate of likely costs and other issues such as insurance and safety.


The research concluded that a driving holiday in Africa is considered a sub-niche of Adventure Tourism, one of the largest and fastest growing tourism niches in the world today.  Driving holidays can be combined with a huge number of adventure activities ranging from wildlife safaris, trekking, hiking and climbing, cycling and white-water rafting, along with culturally immersive experiences such as CBT and festivals.  The market is driven by older adventure travellers that have time and disposable income to travel, although the Millennial market and their quest for experiential travel looks set to embrace unique travel experiences such as driving holidays on the African continent.